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Problem with Virtualbox 4.1 and Teleporting


My websites are self-hosted and run in virtual machines by way of Virtualbox. I have two physical servers, both can access the virtual drives used by my VM’s via LVM partitions on a separate NAS, which means if I need to I can teleport the VM’s from one physical server to another, and perform maintenance on the physical server.

This was all working great, until the other day when I tried teleporting the VM’s – I got  Guru Meditation from VirtualBox and the VM’s halted!

Not good.

Seems there is a problem, currently, with Virtualbox 4.1 and teleporting.

The only solution at time of writing is to downgrade to VirtualBox 4.0.

4.0.14 was the last version in that release, and after testing, teleporting works as intended. I’ll update this post whenever Oracle get VirtualBox 4.1.x fixed.

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