Added Flattr to my blog

Someone suggested I add Flattr to my blog, so I did ;)

Interesting concept.

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X11RDP-o-Matic and RDPsesconfig : Updated to Version 2.5

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UPDATE : Version 3 now officially released:




It's here! It's improved! It works even better!

I call this the "ssta release", in honour of a pal of mine who made a request which I've now implemented. ( –justdoit option, see below).

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A brief guide to PolicyKit

Like the title suggests, this will be relatively brief – mostly because Policykit isn’t as difficult to understand as I originally led myself to believe.

It all sprang from starting to write about how to get X11rdp/xrdp up and running on your Linux systems. Sure, getting the desktop up remotely in a fast efficient way

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X11rdp-o-Matic progress – updated 2012-06-19


Version 2 is almost complete. It's taking me longer than I anticipated, because there's some final stuff I need to figure out with regards to PolicyKit, so that's holding me back. It's now 1:47am as I type this, and I'm going to sleep on the problem.

PolicyKit is basically what allows local users to do

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Working on new version of X11rdp-o-matic/RDPsesconfig

Just to let you know I'm busy working on a new version of the utilities.

Stay tuned. ;)

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