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Scotland, I am in you!

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Finally! Myself and my goodly wife, and our son have arrived in Scotland.

Now begins the hunt for a new home, and all the other stuff.

Blogging is still going to be light to non-existant for now, until such time as I find a new place to live, we

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Oh the times, they are a’changing …

A few posts ago I wrote about my missions for 2012.

I've been living and working in Japan for over 5.5 years. It's had its ups and downs. I've enjoyed life here lots, and I've sometimes hated life here lots.

After the Magnitude 9 earthquake hit on 2011-03-11, things kind of went downhill.

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My mission for 2012

So, a new year, new possibilities. Here’s my main missions for this year..

Become extremely fluent in Japanese – LIKE A BOSS.

I’ve been living in Japan for over 4 years now and to be truly honest, haven’t made near enough effort to learn the lingo. This has been my main stumbling block to progressing

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