Site update…

I’ve moved the site to a new VPS.

I’ve updated the DNS – this should propagate around the universe over the next 24hrs, in the meantime, the old server should be forwarding web clients still directed at it to the new server’s location.

I’ll keep that arrangement for a few days then shut down the

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Site Changes

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I’m currently making changes to the site’s server.

There may be interruptions in service, or something not working properly, apologies in advance.

I have installed Varnish in front of the web server, and and W3 Total Cache in WordPress, and making sure they’re playing nice.

I just noticed and

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Scotland, I am in you!

Finally! Myself and my goodly wife, and our son have arrived in Scotland.

Now begins the hunt for a new home, and all the other stuff.

Blogging is still going to be light to non-existant for now, until such time as I find a new place to live, we recieve all the Stuff we shipped

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Oh the times, they are a’changing …

A few posts ago I wrote about my missions for 2012.

I've been living and working in Japan for over 5.5 years. It's had its ups and downs. I've enjoyed life here lots, and I've sometimes hated life here lots.

After the Magnitude 9 earthquake hit on 2011-03-11, things kind of went downhill.

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Added Flattr to my blog

Someone suggested I add Flattr to my blog, so I did ;)

Interesting concept.

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Move complete! Updated…

If you’re seeing this post, then all is well, DNS has propagated, and you’re now accessing the blog via the new VPS!

Update : I seem to be having some trouble with comment plugins, so, for now I have deactivated them. Please let me know if you spot any other trouble with the site.


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Moving home…

Scarygliders will be moving home soon!

You probably won't notice anyway, but, I'll be relocating this site to be hosted elsewhere.

In the meantime, whilst I'm busy configuring the new server, the site will operate as normal, and hopefully the transition will be smooth – famous last words ;)

I'll let you know when this

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