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Polkit Explorer v1.0 Released

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Last year, I wrote about beginning to learn Python, and a utility I was writing back then called PolicyKit Editor.

I was using the Gtk toolkit at that time, and then there’s been a bit of a hiatus because I moved from Japan to Scotland.


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PolicyKit Editor is taking shape

I'm having fun learning Python! Once it all starts to click, it gets easier :)

So now I have the beginnings of a Python-based GUI utility which reads in a PolicyKit XML policy file, and you can select each action from a drop-down combobox. Upon selection, the window will display the Description, and current settings

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A brief guide to PolicyKit

Like the title suggests, this will be relatively brief – mostly because Policykit isn’t as difficult to understand as I originally led myself to believe.

It all sprang from starting to write about how to get X11rdp/xrdp up and running on your Linux systems. Sure, getting the desktop up remotely in a fast efficient way

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